A lil Music

A CD I wish I had...
 I found this girl while reading my Vogue Magazine. I really love everything about her music.

An Oldy but a goody :)

This song is just wrecking me and Luke right now... so good.

Hope your day is good :)


  1. My fav frlm Jesus Culture is Jake Hamilton's song Anthem!!!! That song is just amazing!!!! Michael and I are huge HUGE fans of Jake and the ministry he does for Yeshua!!!!! It an amazing movement .Its the out pouring of His Word is reaching all nations with a mighty force. I'm getting the feeling we're about to see revival rain down from the heavens and wash over the earth!!!!! And what ordained luck....we get to see it happen and be revived ourselves!!! Praise YHWH !

  2. hi brittney! thanks so much for saying hi on my blog today! so glad to get your info. :) i think we're kindred spirits! :) hope you are having a great day! i'd love it if we set up a playdate or something. send me an email if you want so we can set up a time to get together! (eagerhands@gmail.com) talk soon, lora


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