Summer Healing

     So far this summer has been all about HEALING! It has been a whirl wind of God being in charge and not Brittney. My heart was growing hard and scared of everyone around me. Like the boogy man would pop out at any corner.

      I have always prided myself on being brave, a person who would face her fears and take life by the, well balls. I have come to realize that this is how everyone else viewed me too. Good, don't mess with me, right?! No!

      I have been put in a lot of loose loose situations only to have the mind set that there has to be a win here! But sometimes life just plain freaking sucks and that's that. With that said I have found we find our self's in theses situation and truth be told sometimes an ugly Lion comes out of me.

     Truth and Justice this is what we should live by, I sound like an old knight or something. But these are not the morals that most live by. Maybe because even though it makes since that there can only be one truth, we each really have our own truth. They say that 3 different people can see the same car accident and each have a different story. Is one lieing? No... As my dad always told me each person has a different filter by which we view life, based on our own life experiences.

     When I am nervous I talk more instead of less, when I am scared I take charge in stead of running, when I am tired I get really quiet and kinda like the hulk, when I am hungry too. When I am scared of being hurt or feel stupid I get angry. I think that if you love someone you should always, always tell them. If your wrong say your sorry. Don't be afraid to say what your faults are even if they judge you! Because chances are you will help someone! Always stand up for what is right even when everyone hates you for it! Really, I am complicated and messed up in a lot of ways, but I am loyal and don't give up easy.

     So even though a part of me feels like crawling in a whole and never coming out, I probably won't. And thank God for a God who knows just what I and my lil family need. A summer to bake like hot bread in the sun and to heal from... well a lot!

     So hears to a summer of healing, family time, and fun!

 Hope that your summer is getting off to a great start and that you and your loved ones take time for each other. And don't forget to say I love you!
Bless you <3


  1. you have such a beautiful family! i love that picture of you and your husband. such a cute couple!


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