Jacob Paul Vaughn

     Something you may not know about me is that I am the oldest of 7 brothers and 4 sisters! I love being a big sister and I love all of my siblings so very much!! It's probably one of the reasons I love babies and children so much!

     Tomorrow we are loading the crew up again, this time in our new van ;) We are heading for good old KY because my lil/big brother Jacob is graduating from High School! I remember when he was born my step mom sent me a picture of her, Jacob, and my dad in a frame, I took it to school with me every day and put it on my desk. I thought then and still do that he was pretty special! I was so proud to show him off and I am proud of him now! He is a smart, funny, handsome and caring young man who I know will do us all proud ;)

Congrats Jay! Enjoy these years because they go fast, be good or  may have to hunt you down and kick your butt,  I am always here for you!
Jesus is always there, no matter what trials come your way!!
Love you Jay!


  1. Awww...I love that story. I am a big sister too. I remember the day my baby sister was born. It was announced over the loud speaker in my class. siblings are indeed a gift from God. Good luck to you brother on this next chapter of his life!

  2. Thank you so much Nan :) I can't wait to see him tomorrow :)

  3. I'm the oldest too! Not nearly with as many sibs but i do love the two I have! I remember both of their births very vividly. They may be a pain in the but sometimes , but they are apart of what makes me ...me! To this day i still consider my sister ( who's almost 10 years yonger) to be one of my best and dearest friends!

    Congrats Jake !!!!! Its crazy how old you are. It makes me feel super old now! Lol have a wonderful graduation/party!


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