Some Things You May Not Know About Me

Some things you may not know about me...
 I am a fan boy or in this case a fan girl. I like all things super hero
I like Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and yes all Star Trek
I love playing with my husband and my kids
I like curling up on the couch and watching movies
I like being crafty in the imperfect kinda  way
Definitely obsessed with thrifting
I like most things that are old, but I like new things too :)
I'm a lil crazy and a lil tame 
depends on who you ask
I really don't like dishes 
I love to laugh and sometimes I am afraid to cry
I want to adopt...bad
I want to live and die in Africa
I love steak, veggies, and all things sweet
Oh and Coffee and tea
I feel some kinda satisfaction when I drink from a vintage tea cup
I love nursing my babies
I love having babies 
I love being married to Luke
I find a little piece of Heaven when I am in a creek in the woods
I love to sing and dance 
 I get angry really easy, then feel bad :/ And say I am sorry
I love snuggles 
I am scared and nervous about weird things 

So yeah...Don't know why I just wrote that :) Now you know me a lil better I guess :)

I will have the kids Birthday Party up soon. It was a great one!
Have a great day :)

 WOW  Are they mine?? 
Love Love Love


  1. I'd say i knew about 95% of that. I had NO idea that you hate doing dishes ( I feel your pain) . I also didn't know you are a Treky!!! That's pretty kool !!! (Me too but don't tell anyone). And i had no idea that some weird things bother you..... Id be curious to know what those are....? Lol <3 you!


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