Ballet 3 and 4 years old

This year was Haddie's first year of real Ballet. Once upon a time in another life, it seems now, I was a dancer. All self taught so nothing special I guess, but it was my life till I came to MorningStar and got busy with other things I guess :)
 Last year she did her first lil class that I did with her and it was good to get her feet wet for sure. We both enjoyed the time together as well :) This year she did it all on her own. Every Wednesday morning I would load all three kids drop her off and get some time with Judah, it was nice for all of us :) She was proud of her self and so was I, Luke and I both!

Love this one!!

Picture day :)

After I got her dressed and told her I was going to give her some makeup she gave me a thumbs up because she was soo excited!

Love this one too!

Then she had her 1st recital. She was beyond excited! Truth is, I was too :)

Judah was excited for her cute!


 Our beautiful lil friend Sarai 

My sweet munchkin I love you so much and I am already so proud of the sweet lil girl that you are! You are a great helper, super kind and sweet, a great big sister, a good girl, I love how you already have so much faith, love how brave and courageous you are, and loveee how you always try to make us laugh :)
I could not have asked for a better daughter and I love you with alllll my heart!! 
love mama


  1. This made me cry! There aren't words for how my heart grows looking at my sweet granddaughter and my precious daughter. Seems like yesterday you had your first recital. I love you both so much!


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