Levi @ 7 months

     Today Levi is 7 months old. He is basically crawling, in is own way, but still gets around. He gets up on his tip toes with his butt way in the air...soo cute!  He has two little teeth on the bottom with the top two close behind. He laughs and smiles all the time, so happy! All my babies have been good but he is soo good. I believe a huge part of this is that Luke and I know more now. Poor Haddie... He loves to bounce and goes crazy with it. He can say mama mama and dada, waves hi and bye. He is almost sitting up. His lil toes are getting rubbed raw from trying to stand or something not sure exactly what he is trying to do.  He loves to drink water from a sippy, and is my first baby to drink pumped milk from a bottle, when I have a photo shoot or wedding but, only nurses when I am home. I am so proud of him for this.
     He is just simply a joy to our family. He has added so much love and happiness to all of our hearts, none of us can imagine life with out him! Already having a boy I wondered what it would be like to have another, and how it would feel? But of course he is his own person and I love each of my boys in their own ways.

He has also been going on the potty :) But that's another blog :)

Officially crawling!! it goes sooo fast!!

Words cannot describe how I have enjoyed and cherished this time with you. Nursing and snuggles, late nights and early mornings. Tho we are moving into a new and different time I have treasured every moment of this special and unique time. I have loved falling in love with you and learning who you are. This beginning bonding time has been so good for my heart, thank you my lil blue buddy.
I love you Blue soo much you make my life better in all ways! I am so thankful for you, just the way you are! 
love mama


  1. I love this! I love your family. Its so funny how the Holy Spirit can make a bond between people and bridge gaps . I have never met Luke or the kids and somehow .... I feel as if I've known them as long as I've known you. They feel like family. I also see you in all of them. You and Luke ,being one unit, share many similarites. And your kids... Such beauties... I see you two through their eyes. It's beautiful! All in different ways ,but still they so strongly portray you two.Which brings me to Blue. Only 7 months old and you can see such deep love and true happiness in those gorgeous eyes! You can tell when children are honestly loved and cared for . You can see it in everything they do. You guys are great parents . Be proud of each one of them! You are making wonderful additions to G-Ds kingdom!!!!! <3 I hope Michael and I can follow your example and be great parents too! Luv ya Brit!

    1. Thank you Mel! We try our very hardest and really do love being parents so very much! It makes my day to hear that we inspire that means the world to me :) I know you will be a great mama btw ;)

  2. He his such a blessing. He is a happy, old soul. We love you so much Blue.


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