3 Piece's of My Heart

 These Pictures were taken of the kids while we were in Chicago. Luke grew up in Chicago most of his childhood. All of his family minus his mom and dad and two sisters still live there. I have some great pictures of our whole visit there and will have those up soon. These pictures were taken at his Grams' house in Villa Park, IL. The house that his grandparents build and his dad was raised in his whole life. His Grams still lives there. So, it's a part of the family I guess you could say.

 I am so in love with these 3 beauties they are the best gift and my dreams come true. 

My sweet, gentle, wild, funny, smart girl. She does so good taking pictures. She takes direction and is just a natural! 

My Favorite of her...oh my heart! 

This is Judah wholly and completely. Trying to get these pictures was so funny and totally different than trying to get Hadassah's. I was screaming like a crazy lady all crazy like, to make him laugh and had to offer him ice cream to let me get some of him. I love this boy just the way he is!

My long hair don't care lol

I am so thankful for my three babies! This summer has been so good for our little family! Taking family time and loving on each other, praying for each other, and having fun! 
Thank you Jesus for all your blessings!! You are a good, good God!
Hope you are good! Hope that your summer is good! 
Take time today to look to the heavens and to tell someone that you love, that you, love them! 
;) brit


  1. your little girl is so beautiful!! i esp love that last photo of her in that little pink dress. (is that vintage? it's adorable!) you are a blessed mommy!

  2. Replies
    1. Al,
      Thank you! Thank you for visiting me :) I visited your blog, I am in love! Bless you!
      <3 Brit


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