Little Brother Graduates

My sweet RoRo she is a lil mommy :)

My boo

This is one side of my family. Yes, I am the oldest and the shortest! 

Then we had a Fiesta !!

My lil brother Ben with One and Two :) So cute!


My little Angel

This is my Papa Vaughn :)

Love these pictures of Blue and My Daddy!

AHHHHHH Love it!! Love this baby!!

My brother Noah, yeah he knows he's cool lol

My sweet brother Elijah! He is the cutest! 

Yes that is Luke lol

Even with that wig and mustache Grace looks beautiful!  


Luke just falls out of the picture...hahahaha

Love it!

See I should go all purple lol

It was really fun! I love being with all my brothers and sisters! Love you Jay and bless you on this new journey in Life!!


  1. how wonderful that you have been blessed with such a big, loving family! :)

  2. Very kool! Looks like you all had a good deal of fun! Loved the fiesta back drop for the pics. You did an awesome job! Especially for doing like half of it in the car! LOL


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