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      So I know that the past few times that I have written I have sang a little bit of a sad song. Truth is I was going through a really hard time and had been for a few years. Then all these old pains seemed to be flooding back as well. On top of all that I just had a baby 8 months ago and have started having my period again, so yeah, hormones and zits every where. Thank you for bearing with me while I complained and hurt out loud! 

     Summer is a crazy busy time in this family on top of wedding season it is also our favorite time of year and we love lots of family time. Traveling is something that we are well accustomed to around here. We have lots of adventures and fun. Even though I love traveling, it takes a lot of work and brain power to pack and unload and remember every thing for this crew! So coming home is nice to pay back my sleep debt! ;)

     So this is what we kinda call normal, although I would say our normal is not being normal...did that make sense? We are only home for a few weeks at a time where we try and take care of the house, things with the biz, and the ministry. We try to have normal home days you know... cleaning, nap time, reading, playing in the yard, and getting work done. 
     Then the packing starts and that takes a few days just trying to get everything that we need in order. If we are leaving for a wedding, I have to figure out who will stay here with one and two (Haddie and Judah) and everything they will need here. Then I have to figure out where Luke and I will be staying and who will watch the baby the day of the wedding. He is too young to leave for days at a time. If we all go, I have to get what we all need and what we will need for the car and what needs to be done to the house. Load it all up and go. Potty breaks, nursing breaks, and so on. 

      Our kids are so good with traveling! We have been traveling with them for a while so they are used to it, how ever DVD players have saved all of our lives! While on the road we still do breakfast together and have nap times and play time and do our "normal" bed time of brushing teeth, story, and prayer. The truth is our kids are better at traveling than most adults! We have our certain things that always go with us and those are our lil normal's that we take with us. For Haddie and Judah they have each other, they always have each other, and that is their biggest comfort! For me, I know that Jesus goes with each of us where ever we are, together or separate. I think our kids will be fearless to do anything one day :)

     I love our adventures and that we get to do so much together! BUT, it can also be so hard, draining, and even a lil lonely sometimes. But I am thankful for where we are and what we have and don't have, I want, need to stay in that thankful place or else I become unhappy in all things! I know that seasons come and they go so I neeeedddd to enjoy this season and what ever comes next.... This is my greatest lesson right now, enjoy where you are right now and what you are!  I am still growing and leaning and probably always will be to some degree in all different ways!

     SO today reminding myself what is really important!
My husband and my babies
and the people the Lord has put in my life
(family, friends)
Love, Love, Love

The sorrow from their cries 
I can hear them, I let the weight heap on my shoulders 
I let fear come in that I will never get to them
I will never really help
but I am yours Lord and no one else's
you lead even when my eyes are shut tight
I am yours,
 heart, body, mind and soul
I will put all that I am in your hands 
I trust you
I choose to trust you!

Embrace The Camera Here

So this was kinda everywhere, but that's kinda me and how I am...Welcome in side my Rabbit Hole :)
Hope you are good :) 
Love Brit


  1. You at so wonderful. I love you so very much!

  2. <3 thanks for sharing your heart!

  3. Brittney, you are beautiful inside and out!

  4. Thank you, all three of you! When I was done writing this I thought who cares why did I even write this?!
    Thank you for your support :) <3


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