All that's On My Mind At 1 am

 Sometimes I look at my blog or around my house and I just laugh. I can really be all over the place, I have so many parts to myself, yet it somehow all seems to come together?!
 I think we are all really like this in many ways! The more and more people I meet, I realize that all people are looking for relationship, but in different ways. EVERY one is insecure but very bold about their strongest opinion. Even the quiet speak up when they feel truly strong about something.
 For a while I have been trying to "simplify" our home in many ways. Since we went from living in a 6 bedroom house with a full basement and storage room to our two bedroom town home. Truth is I love it! Yes there are times I wish I had a craft room but, I would just have more than I needed or would really use, so this way makes me keep it simple and lesss crowded :) Also, having a room for Blue other than mine while I am TRYING to get him to sleep through the night would be nice, butttt I would not be learning this whole new side of parenting that I am now... hahaha
 Truth is I have to stop caring about the things and cares and worries of this world more, they are a weight that I can not carry! I am the Lord's and I trust Him right?? So I have to look to a rewarded that is not here on this earth (Heb.11:13-16). A heavenly reward!
 I am selling a bunch of stuff on craigslist and redid the kids room and got rid of a bunch of toys! I am going to right a blog about it because it's been a neat learning experience for our whole family!
Luke, Blue and I are about to go on the road again for another wedding this weekend in PA.I can't believe I am going to say this but I am kinda getting sick of all this traveling!! I am sure lack of sleep has a lot to do with it!
Things I am really loving right now...
1, Training My Children. I am working on being calmer :)
2. Mornings on the back porch with coffee, my bible, Jesus, and my babies playing. I love summer.
3. My new 5$ Spock shirt from wal-mart that says, "You better trek yourself before you wreck yourself." ha
4. Summer days and family.
5. My sweet loving, kind husband...mmm love that man!
6. And Ginger Snaps from Trader Joes!

Thanks for listening to my late night ramblings :)


  1. You're right baby. We all pretty similar down deep. You are on the right track my love.


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