Chicago in Instagram

So because we are traveling every where this summer I find my self super busy!
We went to Chicago to do Luke's 3d cousin's wedding. We were excited to do a family wedding and see all of Luke's family. And I was excited to also see the City! 
I wanted to share a lil bit of Chicago with you in Instagram :) 

One of my Hero's! 

The wind at the end of Navy Pier was crazy!!

The Big Bean

There is this little free Zoo that helps animals. I got to see Owls :)

Levi and Luke

All of Gram's Beautiful Vintage Charm! 

I really fell in love with this City! I was trying to think of ways we could move right into the heart of it all! Then Luke reminded me of winter.... We will visit again soon :)

Bald Eagle

Luke's Gram with her uncle

Mucha in stain glass

Luke and His parents when they were younger

The way home was a lil crowded! 

I am getting a button so you can follow me on Instagram for now you can find me by putting in brittney stasi.

Also if you want to see a teaser from the Chicago wedding we did click here.

So far this summer as been a wild ride for us and it's not even close to over! But more than any thing God is doing a lot in my heart! How is your summer? Any plans?
love Brit :)


  1. Cool blog Britt :)


    1. Thanks Paige :) I put a lot of work into it ;0) Thanks for visiting and leaving some love :)


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