Summer 2012

Levi is 9 months old now. He is very quickly sprinting his way to a year old. I really can't believe that it has almost been a year now since I had this huge blessing! He is a happy go lucky guy but defiantly has his own opinion :)

His hair is blonde. And getting longer and curly. I love him sooo much!!

Really Judah lol hahahha

She is the sweetest big sister! <3 p="p">

My silly boy :)


This picture sums up my three babes... Each their own and I love it!

Life is good and I am blessed, yet once again I find myself feeling a lil overwhelmed again. I am finding relationships to be hard and a constant disappointment that I can never measure up to. Maybe every mom or person for that matter struggles with this, but I constantly feel like I am not enough to do anything. Thank Jesus that I have Him and He is enough!!!
If you think of me pray for me ;) thanks Brit


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    1. thank you :) they are soooo much fun!! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  2. they are the cutest kids!! :)
    i still want to get together for a playdate sometime! :) email me when you get a chance ( praying for you! lora

  3. Yes they are scrumptious! Such cuties! And as far as praying for you... I've never stopped! ;0) you know where to find me little mamma... Love ya lady!


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