What We Wore, when we walked out the house today...

Today's "What we wore" is mostly a hand-me-down...

Bag from a thrift store in Chicago $4.00

Shoe's: target from like 3 years ago

I bought colored leather and made us all matching bracelets and or ankle bracelets, even blue ;)

Hand-me-down scarf from my Aunt Ronda from the early 90's.
Hand-me-down vest from my mama.
Hand-me-down shorts from my sister.

I love going through my clothes and then putting it all together to make an outfit that expresses a part of myself.

She got herself dressed today, she does most days. She is getting so big!
She loves to get herself dressed it is a huge way that she expresses herself!
She asked me to start a mom daughter blog where we can be fashionista's :) 

His Muscle shirt: Once Upon A Child $3.00
Truly my favorite place to buy the kids clothes.

Haddie and Judah's Shoes: Once Upon A Child

Love Brit 


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