Gia Sky... God is Gracious

I'm an Aunt!!!
And to the most beautiful baby girl that I could ever call my niece!
I got to be there with her mommy the whole time that she was in labor! Her mommy and I worked together it was beautiful! We were all so tired but Gia's heart rate never changed. She is my strong lil thing! It was almost a 24 hour labor and we were in the hospital for over 26 hours by the time she was born. It was very emotional and hard but my sister and Gia did great!
I got to cut her cord and that meant the WORLD to me! Thank you sissy for letting me, and for letting me be there, with you, and with her!!
In the end it was all worth it!

Momma finally get's to hold her!!
My sister and Gia!

Look at that FACE!!!! AHHHHHH

The whole crew comes to see Aunt Mal and Baby Gia aka Bella :)

She was beyond excited!!

He fell in love at first sight!

Proud Uncle Luke

Love this one!!

Love this one too!

Embrace The Camera Here

Gia, I love you so much!! And from this day on you can always count on me! May the Lord Bless you and let His face shine on you. May His angels protect you and sing to you! I pray you know love the love of Jesus and of your family! The Lord knew you before you were even in your mama's belly He loves you and rejoices over you!!
Love Aunt B :0)


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