Jesus Help Me

     Today has been one of those days. Not because of today because of all the days leading up to it. All the circumstances going on or not going on... how can I handle it?? When did life become so complicated?? 

Like a wall that comes up out of the ground as high as the sky in a dream, and as thick as a mountain is the wall that I feel is up and around me.
I sit in the middle unable, or unwilling to move.
Inside I feel that there are to many things, things that keep me from coming closer to you.
Your hands, your very word could knock it down.
I only want you in, I only want to sit with you, but some how this wall keeps me from getting closer to you as well.
The sun is shinning yet all I see is dark.
Not dark like a beautiful night sky.
Some other dark.
Not so black that I cannot see, but I cannot see far, or very well.
Yet even then I see you, you are here with me.
Even tho you are light you sit with me.
Love, Patience, and Kindness in your face, your eyes, and body language they speak to me with out any words.
Your love goes beyond understanding.
The walls are brick, they are man made.
Man built this wall but only you can break through.
You invite and I find myself coming to you. Not with movement of my feet, or legs, or even my mind, but in heart and heart only...
You are slow and gentle you are not in a hurry for me to come quickly, you will wait for me, you will wait with me.

Be still and know that I am God... God, not mere man that I would lie, forget, and not know your heart, the good and the bad.
Be still and know that I am LOVE. 

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I can see you... at first I see you on top of the wall,  then in front of me standing.
As I draw closer to you in my weakness I see you clear, you are sitting here with me on the ground sitting Indian style, with me, your hands in mine.


  1. Mmmmm very true, and very honest. There's nothing better to Him than for us to be honestly "us". No mask, no shield, no cloth to hide behind.... Just us in our raw state. When we ate that honest it gives Him a better avenue to work through us and in us. Like you said so well... He waits for us. He'll pick up the slack where we fall short....and the best part... He doesn't mind at all!!! :0)


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