Shout Out Tuesday

So today is another Shout Out Tuesday!
Today is going to be random I have a few different shout outs!
1st is a new blog that I found when she visited my blog and left a sweet comment and when I went to her blog I fell in love!
This beautiful family is so inspiring! I love all that they are and love reading her blog.

Go visit After His Smile please! 

She is artsy, creative and sweet. They have a beautiful adoption story! My fav! 
I am so thankful for blogs like hers and their stories they help me to feel like I am not a total freak lol, and that all things are possible through Him!

Also on labor day my sweet sister had her beautiful baby, Gia Sky.
I am going to do a whole blog post about it, next week. This was my first birth other than my own and it was my family, so emotional does not even begin to describe it!
So heres a shout out to all that were there helping and loving through the whole 26 hour process! Most of all to Mallory and Gia!
You both were strong, and sissy YOU did it!!

Thank you Kayla King you are a great friend and Doula! If you live in Ohio around Columbus and surrounding area's have her be your Doula!
Thank you Mama! I love you! Thank you Grammy, Nana, and Calie!

So thankful for these things today and heathy baby and mama!
Thank you Jesus!
Who or what are you thankful for today?
Hope your good!
love Brit!


  1. It was a beautiful day spent with our loving family and friends! Mallory you did a wonderful job and blessed our family with a gorgeous baby Gigi! Brittney you were fantastic! Your sister couldn't have asked for a better coach! Everyone was wonderful and supportive. It was a beautiful day!!

    1. Yes yes yes mama!! lOve you all and thank you!

  2. Brittney I love your blog! Gia is beautiful Mal! :) Love you guys, xxx.

    1. Thank you so much Paige! That means a lot! we love you too!!

  3. whatever happened to Mallory?


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