Levi is turning one. One year since my lil happy, silly boy was born right here in our home with our little family. On a beautiful fall day with all my windows open and peace. Before I was even pregnant with Levi I just felt in my spirit it's time, it's time for the next baby. Then I had a dream of him and saw his beautiful face. While I was pregnant with Levi our family went through HELL. The dream the Lord gave me was like a promise that peace would come again, that there would be beauty in our lives again. The day that Levi was born there was peace and beauty that is hard to describe, all I can say is that the Lord delivered on His promise.

     Having a new baby was a joy to all our broken hearts. Over the past year as I have watched Levi grow in size I have seen Haddie and Judah grow in a different way. I have seen their hearts grow and there fears melt away. The hold that the bad brokenness had on us has been replaced with a safe brokenness. God knew what we would need right when we would need it, and Levi was that lil gift, not just to me, but to all of us!

     Levi is a Hebrew name from the old testament of the Bible. Levi means attached or as one. I believe that all my kids names are important to what they will be and bring. This is part of Levi's gift even as an infant who has no idea. He helped to bring us back and reopen our hearts to love. And when our hearts are open to love we can have unity in it's pure form.

     I don't know why but I am geeking out about him turning one! I really truly do love all the stages that our kids go through but I still always tend to miss or mourn that the old stages are gone forever never to return. Life is beautiful to watch and be apart of, but holy crap it's freaking fast!!

     So here's to tears that the lil baby stage is gone (for real I have tears right now!!.....) and happy joyful tears to many years of love and joy to my lil Blue.

Thank you my sweet boy, with a strong love, embrace, and voice
for being you, just the way you are
you make my heart full, and leap in my chest
in a lonely scary time for mama you have been a lil body to hold on too
thank you
I loveee how you LOVE for me to sit on the floor and you throw your whole body into mine
with huge laughs and giggles and your sweet lil arms wrapped around me!


  1. I am glad that you were able to get through your hell and that Levi was a part of your peace. That must be quite a story of what you went through. What a blessing he is and I hope he has a great birthday even if he won't really remember much about it or any of it. I didn't know what Levi meant. I knew it was a Biblical name though (My son Micah was named after the prophet in the Bible which means "One who resembles God" and his middle name is Aryeh which means "Lion"). Babies are so great. I want another!

    1. I want another too! They are soo great! I love the meaning those names I think that the meaning of a name is super important!


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