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     OK so if you are trying to do school at home with your preschoolers/kindergartners and you don't have a lot of money, I have found some great free stuff to help get started. My kids are only 4 and 3 so using this free stuff works for now. I have also bought a few things that were pretty cheap that help too.

      For just a good old simple learning your letter's and tracing I found this website. The pages have lots of practice and a lil picture that Haddie likes to color when she is all done with her page. On this same site I found lots for Judah too. Shapes, colors and so on! I have also found some helpful things on this website.

     For lots of different stuff  I love the Nick Jr. website. They have fun crafts and art work to do and lots of abc's and 123 learning pages. The kids love it because it's from some of the shows they watch.

   The blog Home School Creations has tons of great ideas, resources, advice, free printable pages, games and so on! It's great! Also, another great blog is Teach Beside Me.

    I have heard from a few friends and from the blog The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking that the book Teach Your Child To Read In One Hundred Easy Lessons is great for teaching to read and with toddlers. I just ordered it and got it in the mail today! I can't wait to see how it goes, I'll let you know!

     We also use work books from wal-mart. They are for same and different, shapes, and numbers, but I know you can get these things from these websites as well. I have a small chalk board and the alphabet with pictures on the wall. I use the book Ready To Read Ready To Count Handbook as well, that my friend over at Just For Now recommend to me.

     I have gotten three three ring binders one for each kid and myself. I am still trying to get organized but so far this is what I have. I am putting a week's work in their binders and I have a folder for each in mine with other print offs. They each have a notebook for drawing and Haddie has one to practice her name. I just write it and she traces.

Jesus learning and we use the Bible too :)

And of course we have to start learning about adoption too :) I had to stop reading several times to hold back the tears, this is so dear to my heart!

Have to learn about Africa :) It's a place mat and we will use dry erase marker's. I just got them in the mail today :)

My note book

     These are a few ways I have found to make it cheaper for now! I know that within the next few years as I learn more, I will get a curriculum and make it all official!
     With all that said some great advice that I got from a mom who is still homeschooling and has home schooled 8 children, is to not feel rushed!! She said take your time and don't feel the pressure. You have lots and lots of years of schooling ahead of you! I agree make it fun, but let them be kids. I started doing "school" with Haddie when she was two, she loved it so it was nice, but Judah did not want to, he was not ready. There would be weeks that we would not do it, things going on, that's the beauty of their age. Judah likes doing school now and it's a nice time and not a fight :)  They will learn!  Please if you have any advice we would LOVE to hear it!! Thanks! Be blessed and I hope this helps.
Love Brit


  1. Brit, I loved this! I've started collecting ideas for Caydee's education, as Sean and I want to home school as well. Pinterest has an entire "Education" section that I've browsed through - lots of interesting ideas! We should chat soon and brainstorm!

    1. That is so great that you want to home school :) Maybe next time that we are in Ohio we can get together :) I would love to chat :)

  2. Those are some great resources. I have a friend who homeschools a year above my older son, so I get a lot of what she gets, and then when I am done using those for my second son I can send them back and she has a son who will be a grade level under him, so it works out well. There are things that I do get though on my own. Homeschooling is a lot of hard work but it is fun and great for them and you!!! If you haven't seen it yet, is another great preschool site!!!

    1. Victoria,
      We have so much in common! I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot from you! :)Thanks for the info I want all I can get!! :)

    2. I am sure I'll learn much from you as well!!! Yey!!

  3. Lora! Thank you and Love you I am so happy to have met you and I am excited for our friendship!


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