Around Here Lately...

It's been awhile :)
We are finally done with wedding season... whew!
I am still trying to catch up on life while life still goes on.
Haddie and Judah are both learning to take showers all by themselves.
This is a big deal, I guess because it feels like they are entering a new stage of life which, as always, is both sad to see it go and happy to grow together even more.
They take their showers very serious and are so proud of  themselves every time. It's too cute! They each get out of the shower with a smile and joy that they have been taught and succeeded at their task.
We are doing school more regularly. Still not every day, but much more often.
It's really great! Yes it can be a challenge, but over all we really enjoy it!

Haddie has started ballet again and of course LOVES it!
I too have started a dance class at my church :) It's been really good for me, very humbling, but I love meeting all the new ladies, it's been a real joy and encouragement. 

Judah tried out for Karate and did soooo good! We were all so proud of him. But it is expensive so until we can figure that part out we are waiting to put him in it. 

Levi is doing so much better sleeping at night but then he started teething again, poor guy, the molars this time. So of course that makes sleeping hard...
And of course as you know he turned one! :) We had a lil home party and made cup cakes I took a few pics I will put up soon :)
He is walking every where, making sound affects for EVERY thing, melt my heart, and has shown once again that he has a voice and you better not mess with him lol.
He still loovessss to nurse but loves it so aggressively that it hurts. He gets mad that the milk does not come out fast enough, bites down and pulls back, while going from side to side so impatiently, with screaming and yelling.
With the other two when they were done they were done, I let them decide. I would like to do the same with him, but...he is making it very hard for me??!!
I let him walk/crawl around the back yard by himself the other day while I cleaned the back porch, he was in heaven :)

God has been doing so much with Luke and I. We each in our own ways are falling in love with Jesus in a whole new way, all over again.
At the same time with each other and our kiddos, it's been a good season for our little family.
There have been LOTS of hard things around us, but here, they have been precious.
I have also been taking a few naps and it feels great!!!

There are a ton of other things in the works for this little crew and in time I will share :) 
We have only been shopping at Trader Joe's now for months and months, not sure of exact time frame, and really, really focusing on eating healthier on a budget. Trader Joe's makes this a lot easier for a family! 
All Trader Joe's products promise:
NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
NO genetically modified ingredients
NO added Trans Fats
So for a mama who has a budget,wants to eat healthy, and CANNOT sit and read every label before I buy it, yeah this works for me :)
You should check them out!
My favorite snack right now is fresh tomatoes cut up, with goat cheese from Trader Joe's, with low fat balsamic vinaigrette.
So easy and good!
So yeah, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, of whats going on over here at the Stasi house :) 
How are you? What is new with you?


  1. awww ballet is so much fun and a lot of hard work. I am glad Haddie loves it so much! We get a lot of things from Trader Joe's too. I love getting fair-trade things especially. I am so glad to hear that Jesus has been growing you two as a couple!! Yey!!


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