This year was the second year that we stayed home and I cooked. Truth, I was totally sad and disappointed at first and that sent me into a very selfish spiral. I was whining and complaining A LOT!  Poor Luke. I was in a poor Brittney mood for a week, on top of a lot of other stress! Then the barfing stared! But on the day of Thanksgiving  the barfing stopped and we had a really peaceful day.
      The night before I stayed up late and made little Indian head dresses for the whole family. It's a family tradition, on one side, to dress up on thanksgiving. It was beautiful outside and we continued our tradition, that we stared last year, of a little photo shoot, of course lol. We got some great pictures.

     Poor Judah and Haddie did not eat much, but that's OK. It wasn't till 7am that poor Judah started throwing up in his bed :( So we got through Thanksgiving had a nice day and got some pictures. So once again I made a bigger deal about it all than I needed to.

     A little side note the barfing is still going sleep, couch sleeping, and did I say no sleep. Lots of laundry yeah... just a lot!!! So please pray for us!! :)

     Lastly I have to leave you with this funny  parent barfing moment. So Judah wakes up screaming that he is throwing up in his bed. Luke is on the couch because he had been throwing up the night before. So Luke is the first responder. I am trying to find my glasses in the pitch black, because I'm blind and trying to be quiet because the baby sleeps in my room. All the while Luke is running with Judah to the bath room while Judah is throwing up everywhere  I hit my knee and fall to the ground as Luke slips on the barf and wipes out. I run into the hall thinking that someone is dead from the way they are freaking out, and step in all the barf! Judah has so much barf on him and in his bed that I have to put him in the shower. The boy has no concept for when he is about to throw up, poor guy. We clean every thing up only for Judah to throw up in his bed again and then again. Finally he gets it after he throws up in the hall, again, com'n buddy! lol. Later I notice Luke has a huge scratch all the way down his arm, we both just start laughing!!

   Sometimes things are just what we make it I guess... I'm still learning this!

Luke made a GREAT pumpkin roll. mmmmm



  1. You guys are darling. My husband is from SC. :)

    1. Ashley,
      Just went to your blog. Love! Thank you :) We really love living here.
      love B

  2. aww barfing is always such a sad thing to see your kids doing!
    Happy thanksgiving though! haha. my kids didn't eat anything other than biscuits. I had to make them chicken nuggets :(
    Love all these photos! Aw!

    1. Victoria,
      sorry :( I would have ate your dinner lol. THANK YOU LOVE :0)
      LOVE B

  3. Hey Brittney, what sweet little Indians you have! I saw your button on "Under His Feathers" and had to check it out because my name is Britney ;) Hope your Christmas is just as sweet!

    1. Hi Britney.
      That is really neat that you use an e in your name most Brit's don't :)
      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your sweet comment! :)
      love B


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