Real Life

     A friend of mine posted this today and tagged his wife in it. They have one right now and he told her  this will be us soon. lol hahahaha
I love this picture because it is TOTALLY true! If your a mom you know what I am talking about!
I have screamed out very similar things, about how long things now take for several different tasks!

     Now don't get me wrong, and if you know me you know this is true, I LOVE being a mom, none-the-less, its hard sometimes! If I have learned any thing it's that you have to laugh at this crap. Come on it's freaking funny!
I'm about to get real...
      Like going to the bathroom. Should be a PRIVATE moment. What's that? Can I get a dictionary please? I remember when we first got married the thought of us going to the bathroom in front of each other for Luke was freaky! Now there are at least 3 people in there at any given time when you are going to the bathroom and a baby trying to suck and lick the bottom of the toilet. eeek. It really sends a panic down your spine when you hear your 4 year old tell your 3 year old, or vice versa, that, "I will wipe your butt!" What?! No!!! AND the trash can in the bathroom, I found Levi twice sucking the yummy ear wax off the end of a used qutip. Gagggg!! 

     Don't even get me started on the freaking socks and shoes, Judah! "Judah where are your shoes??"
mind you he has more than one pair and has a pair that are just for outside. " I don't know, there lost!" he always says! "Judah where are your socks?!" All twenty pair GONE! "I don't have any you have to wash them, mom." Really dude! I find all of them outside, wet, while he is bare foot!!!! 

     This is why we have to carry our babies and birth them and they don't come by way of a stork. Because just like being pregnant is hard and birth or c-section are hard too, so is life, but it all melts away when you see that face, those toes, those eyes for the first time. When they say mama or dada from the other room for the first time. When they only want you and no one else. When they learn to wrap those little arms around you. mmmmm. It's all worth it :)

     So mama's and papa's we will keep on keepen on. Looking like zombies and snapping at random people and then having to say sorry. Having that something, only God knows what, on the shoulder of all our shirts. Wipping the worst poopy butts ever. Cleaning more vomit than we that possible for a 3 year old to vomit. Kissing boo boos and holding tight from fears. Listening to I am hungry for the 1600th time for today and, "I want a snack!" for the millionth time. We will try to hide that we use the word boo boo or owie instead of some adult word, I have forgotten at this point. 

Here's to real life 


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