Love Is The Answer

I use to always say that if every family would just adopt one child we would not have any orphans. Then I found this:

There are 163 million orphans in the world 
Did you know that if just 7% of Christians adopted one child, there would be no orphans in the world?
That's just Christians, not including all the other people in the world. So really it would not take very many people.

Here are a few more #'s for you to look at, helps to see the need...
I have a real heart for Zimbabwe so here are their  #'s

UNICEF’s latest statistics indicate there are approximately 1.4 million orphans in Zimbabwe and a staggering 1.0 million are AIDS orphans. 

Info from this great blog

I live in SC so here are their #'s 

I found this info here

The number of children in foster care in each state is much higher - this number only represents those awaiting permanent families. The powerful point illustrated in the chart below is this: with the number of churches in the U.S., why should we have any waiting children in U.S. foster care?

Please click here to see this chart!

Love really is the answer. Love!

     I know that it is hard to look at and it's hard to see. But I know for me personally it's easy to put things out of sight and out of mind. I can't be the only one. I love women and I love babies! I believe that with all my heart, we can love both and protect both.

     I have not adopted yet, but I hope oh how I hope and pray that within the next few years we can!!
But how can we open our mouths and say do not abort if we will not adopt even one child, or be a foster parent?! How can we say do not abort or love Jesus if we will not love the one next to us and in front of us?! Revival starts with Jesus, who is love, so we must love! 

     Let's start small. Let's start by loving the ones next to us and forgiving those in our lives up to this day. You may be thinking that's easy for you to say Brittney. But the truth is, it is NOT easy at all for me. I will not go into it all here but please feel free to e-mail me and I will tell you some or all of the things I have had to go through and people I have had, and have, to forgive! Only Jesus can do this in us and it may take time with some and some may come easier. Know that you are not alone!

     Then from that place let's reach out to the widow, the orphan, and the sinner, the christian, and the women who is pregnant or has had an abortion.There are lots of ways that we can do this, reach out and love, I will make a post soon with some links or you can Google your area or the area that comes to your heart. Let's challenge one another with Love.There are things in this world that we will not be able to control and that will never change! But we can control who WE love!!

Love, Love, Love is really the answer!! 

Love you,

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  1. I agree with everything you said here and that is sooo cool to hear about if every Christian adopted one child. I would love to adopt very very much. This is so cool!! I found out that last picture that you posted was a photoshopped picture as a baby that small wouldn't be that far developed yet, but all the rest are true! I love how you said to star small and reach out to those in need as it is. My heart for the orphan is so large. May God always protect and guide them!

    1. Thank you Victoria for your thoughts and feed back :) <3

  2. I love this blog and what your doing with it...I really do. And I don't mean to throw any negative comments into the mix...BUT...the #'s on the first statement about Christians is misleading, because there are just too many people out there calling themselves Christians that in fact aren't. I read where if every Christian were to vote in the past election...Obama could never be re-elected. And even tho his platform was built on a God-less agenda of pro homosexuality and pro abortion...he was still re-elected.Professing Christians just voted for color, free benefits, and Godless people in our nations capital.

    On a positive note...if professing Christians that actually are followers of Jesus would adopt a child...what a change could be made in the lives of these kids and in the world. My wife and I became Christians later on in our lives and at 70+ we can't bring a young child into our lives at present...BUT... we have complete sponsorship of two young ladies in a school/arphanage in India.

    Keep on blogging and keep walking with Jesus as you do and may God bless you richly and often for your endeavors.

    1. With all do respect sir , the point was not a religious debate on rather 7% of Christians were/are Christians. The point was we as a populous have a responsibility to these father and motherless children. Now we , as followers of Yeshua, are twice more accountable for these little ones. And as Brittney said ... love is the answer. Now debating over numbers or percentages. The condition of the heart is what matters most. I too sponsor a child in another country. Its extremely rewarding . And someday hope to adopt a baby. If we spread more unconditional love than hate and ill will than the love of Yeshua will be able to flow freely and we can go into all the world and do His bidding and preach His gospel. To try to be like Christ is such an amazing journey ! A Hardon , but worth the love we spent getting us there !

    2. i am an orphan.

    3. Thank you sir for your feedback. Thank you for reading :)

  3. Love what you said along the lines of how can we be pro-life if we don't believe in adoption/foster care! So true! xxoo

    1. House Of Lovelock. Thank you! I believe this with all my heart. I work hard everyday to position my heart and life and fiances to work towards this! It's people/families like yours that give me hope! Thank you!
      Love B


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