Around Here Lately

 Around here lately in more pictures than words.

 A BIG part of what is going on around here lately is PURGING. Purging of the heart and home. I went over to my friend Jess's house a few weeks ago, it was such a sweet time. We talked about our hearts, our struggles and our joys. Something she shared with me was about purging of the home. Wow, what a timely word. It sunk in, right to my heart. I have not stopped since!

 Things are still in transition around here. I will be happy when at least some parts of transition are over! I know as a growing family there will always be some transition, I guess I just have to learn to accept it!

Just one of many car loads... feels good! 

Luke and I have been able to go on a few dates and really spend some quality time together. It's been a real blessing! 

Luke and I with a friend have been having prayer meetings at church on Tuesday nights. It has been a very sweet and special time for our whole family! 

That's my new tattoo :) I love it! I will have a post on that soon!
I hope you all liked the guest post this week, be looking, I have another sweet mama friend who will be on the blog soon!
Working on the house has been draining but there has been lots of Grace and I am learning A LOT! 
I am getting better at not freaking out lol
Hope you have a great day! 
Love you,
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  1. This is excellent.
    I wish I could sit down and talk to you, because I think it would be amazing to learn more about you and to pray with you and more. You are inspiring! I am so glad to hear of what you are doing!!! yey!! I love it!


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