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I am so excited and proud for today's blog post. This is our first quest post and it is by my best friend and fellow mommy.

Kayla King 

 So my best friend asked me to do a guest blog on her blog.  She started shooting some ideas at me and I got all sorts of thoughts that I knew surely could not be contained in one short reading like a blog. The ideas ranged from parenting, to homeschooling, to home birthing.  As I begin this, I am still unsure of what this blog will contain. I think I'll do what most bloggers usually do: write about the subject near and dear to my heart at the present.

First off, I am really wanting to adopt sometime in the future.  I say now, but my husband has put the brakes on saying, “Well, what about you calling me everyday at work because you are stressed to the max with the three we already have?” Yea, blah, blah, blah, my mind responds. How much more crazy could it get? This is not about adoption, but parenting.  I do not want to adopt just to say I have adopted and done my good deed.  It is so much more than that.  It's about love. It's about teaching little ones what life is about.  What is life about?  The world tells us to follow our dreams.  This in all is a selfish desire. Yes, there are loves and talents we each have and have been given to us.  But, I find it disappointing when an unplanned circumstance happens and suddenly our “dreams are shattered”. We are teaching our children to glorify themselves instead of God. I hold a high standard for myself and as such, for some reason, expect other people, especially parents, and especially mothers to meet those expectations.  This is a downfall of mine. 

I will tell you what I do and why I do it for starters. 1)When I knew I had met God's partner for me, I got married. Why punish myself and have a year or more engagement when I am dying to rip the clothes off of that man? 2)To have children. They are the joy of life. God's joy is embodied in them. 3)To birth at home. Yes, I did have one hospital birth, but will never again if I have anything to say about it. It was my first birth and quite a learning experience. I am not saying it's for every woman, but I also don't want to hear how they just made you do this or that...blah, blah.4 ) To stay home with my kids.  Forming the future is not something I take lightly. 5) To become a midwife. This is a work in progress. I want to offer women the option of home birth in my area.  I have already been given the name for it: Woodland Way Midwifery. 6) To home school  Do you know what your children are being taught in school? How are they being taught? My love for seeing the firsts doesn't end after the first birthday.  I don't want to miss a moment.

Basically everything I listed in some shape or form has to do with parenting. As for the midwife part, I think how we come into the world, the environment, the people involved all play a critical part of who we are. That's another blog though. 

A quote I recently read that is inspiring my days: “ The way you talk to your children will be their inner voice”---It changes how I parent and it will yours too. Happy parenting...if you're not forming the future, who is?

Kayla King 


  1. Hi! Just happened to stop by for this little surprise... Great post, Kayla! After seven hospital births, I've gotta say I'm a little jealous! But all's well that ends well. ; ) And I love that quote about "inner voice"... so true!

  2. Hey Jen! I am glad you liked it. Yes, my home births were so wonderful that I am just totally addicted to birth. I figure I can't have 50 of my own so I will help other women with their births. I still cannot fathom giving birth seven times. What a woman. Thanks for checking it out. After writing this one I realized I have a lot on my mind I would like to write about. I may actually write on my blog, if I ever get the time.

  3. Awesome post Kayla. Good job. And I agree with you. How you connect to your kids as a parent will greatly impact how they will grow up.

  4. I like this! I know we've talked about how we raise our kids neumerous times but to see it spelled out helps it sink in further! I know from experience that I do not want my daughter's innner voice to be a loud , screaming, unsettled , chaotic , mess. I want her to be able to handle life with love and compassion and discipline. I hear how you deal with your babes on a fairly regular basis. I think the way you are raising them is beautifu! They will become some of the most beautiful strokes on the canvas of G-ds masterpiece!

  5. aww I am so with you on this. What a great list!
    Great learning about you, Kayla!


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