I turned 28!

This is super, super late! Please forgive and be patient with me. While we are selling the house and moving into our new one :) Any prayers would be much appreciated as well :)

 So on February 17th I turned 28. It was a different birthday but a really special one! We were in the middle of a conference. A youth conference at church, Luke and I are now involved and on the team with the youth group. Luke's parents came in town to help with the kids and watch them for the weekend so we could be involved. This was a huge blessing to me. For 7 weeks leading up to the conference we meet every Tuesday night for two hours to pray. All I can say is that soaking everything, our whole life's really in prayer is wisdom beyond wisdom!  It flowed easily and beautiful the whole conference. We saw lots of great things from the Lord.

 So any way my birthday was smack in the middle of the conference  I got to wake up to my sweet babies saying happy Birthday to me and giving me lots of  love. Luke surprised me and took me to get my nose pierced. I was so excited and I love it :) the kids gave me "gifts" they took some of their favorite toys and put them in garbage bags for me. They were so excited, it was beautiful. We went to the conference came home to a home made carrot cake that Haddie was so excited about! Luke parents took me out to eat, I love going out to eat, sshhh. Then back to the conference and it was a true real blessing to my heart!  We were able to meet some new friends who we fell in love with and really love what they are doing out in Cali, you should check them out here and here.

 Because of FB everyone knew it was my b-day and everyone said happy birthday to me :) it was nice.

 So now I'm 28 another year older and wiser. Another year to see how God has been ever faithful to me and my family and learning to trust and know Him more and deeper. It's been a good year but I have high hopes for this 28th year, high hopes :)

 I have learned a lot this year, but here are a few to list...

1. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, mind, and strength. Put more of your strength in trusting and loving Him and all the rest will come!
2. Prayer really does help and changes you more than you realize and when you thought you had prayed a lot, do it some more. And pray in tongues all the time!! WOW!
3.Love people, all people, all the time. This does not mean that we tell them do what ever they want and that even sin is ok, it means love them anyway! Lift a finger to help them, truly pray for them, and tell them the truth with a gentle and humble heart.
4. Be Holy as God is Holy. Love is the key to holiness.
5. Forgive. This is a hard one.
6. And last for now... Trust foolishly, trust in Him, in Jesus, with all your life. Be the fool that trusts Him.

28 :) 
Love You

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  1. God danced the day you were born, brittney! :) so glad you're in the world. you make it a brighter, happier place!
    (love the mug photo! so glad you're enjoying it!)
    hugs, lora

    1. Love you Lora! You are a constant source of encouragement!! I love my mug and pray for you too :)

  2. Oh the conference was probably so great!!
    I am glad that you enjoyed your 28th birthday!!
    Happy belated birthday to you. Getting your nose pierced is fun! I got mine done for my 1st wedding anniversary (we'll be married 9 years in June). I'm glad you like it! Make sure you take good care of it (if you get a bubble by it, get hydocortizone to put on it and it will go away).
    Youth group work!! Yeyeyeyey! Do you have a large group? I hope you will be able to encourage many kids to want to serve Christ all their days. It is heartbreaking to see ones graduate and turn away from God, and so amazing to see ones continue to grow in their walk with Him after they graduate and go to college. I hope you will see ALL your students go towards the way of Christ and not the way of the world!
    Your advice is spectacular!!! Love them!

  3. Hi, Brittney. A total stranger I am, but we're both Christ sisters :) To be honest, I don't remember subscribing to your blog and have been skimming past it in my reader. Very glad that I took a peek this morning! I love to read about others serving our Jesus and meditating and proclaiming the principles of God: Love Him and love others :)....So happy belated birthday and I won't be skimming past any longer!


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