It's time to say Goodbye

Hope that everyone is doing good! It has been really good around here just crazy busy! We are officially selling our house. So much WORK goes into getting a house ready to sell!! But it is finally ready and all things are moving forward.
 We have been asked by so many people, "Where are you moving?" We are staying here in Fort Mill, just moving into a bigger house so we can grow as a family and be a little more settled and permanent  at least for a minute, that is :)
 I have to say that all the stress I was feeling for so long about all of this was about to make me crazy, really crazy! But as I decided to press in and truly trust in The Lord, it has been a beautiful thing, the grace that He has poured out on me. The more I focus on trusting Him and giving it all to Him, no matter how crazy and impossible it all seems, the more grace and peace that comes. He is so good!
 Now I just need to learn to trust Him for a little more patience! I am so excited I would love to skip ahead, BUTTTT it's all about the journey, don't forget that :)

You can check out the Link from Open Vision Photo of the photo's of the house here.

She will be missed. She was our first. Lots and lots of great and beautiful memories with my hunny and all my babies. Thank you Jesus! 

P.S. Haddie is having her 1st sleepover Friday night for her  5th birthday. How did that happen? Can't wait to share :) 
Love you

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  1. the house really looks amazing, brittney! you did a great job getting it all ready to sell! gorgeous. praying for a quick sale! :)


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