Moving: A new Adventure

We have moved just about every year since before we were even married. Some a little longer than a year and some shorter. Two before we met and all the rest together as a married couple. This May will be our 6 year wedding anniversary and this move will be our 7th move together 
 Anyway, the point is we have moved a lot and we are moving again. Each time to a different and new adventure. A part of my gypsy heart has been longing for a bit of a slower pace. A little settling for a minute. Just a minute tho.

 I figured, we will sell this house and maybe rent or buy for couple of years. Have some more babies, adopted and then move to Africa. There I go planning it all out. You would think I would have learned by now. I heard the Lord say you will get an offer in March on your house and move by April. So we stared looking before we even had the house on the market, you know trying to plan it all out perfect. HA!! When will I ever learn!?

 So we started looking for a house to rent/to buy, that was in our budget...Nothing. We wanted a big enough house this time to grow to those 6 kids. Nothing... Then something would pop up and  be to much, way to much money, or under contract within days. Then the Lord told us to be close to the church that we go to and Luke now works at. Close enough to walk! This was disappointing at first because we wanted land and chickens. But then we got a vision for something more than that, something greater. Community. To be closer to the people that we were building relationships with. And if we moved further I would be really far from all my Charlotte friends too. So, ok, we stared to see what the Lord was talking about. I just thought I would NEVER live in a fancy house in suburbia?!

 Then we stared to get excited in our hearts to see what the Lord would do?! But everything we tried seemed like it was slamming in our faces. Then our house went under contract to the first people to look at it, only 12 days after we put it on the market. Then we started to question if we heard the Lord right??!! We stared to stress like we always do! But we both knew that we could not go around the mountain again of not trusting The Lord and stressing instead. I'm not saying that we did not have moments of stress or still don't but we went to a place in His grace this time we had not before in all these crazy trust situations. And we started to actually believe that if He spoke He will come through and be with us. Truly having  that mind set, really changes things.

 So we went to Luke's parents house in FL for a couple of days and tried to just rest. Do the opposite of looking and searching. Seems crazy right? It was late at night and we were just getting home from FL and we were like, "Lets just drive over by the church and look at the neighborhood on our way home." There are like 10 different neighborhoods over there but only  4 within walking distance. So we drove for a few minutes. Like we had a hundred times before. We pulled into this one neighborhood where they were building new houses. We never really looked at this neighborhood because we thought the houses were to much money. All of a sudden fireworks went off in the distance right over it. OK, we live in SC, not that uncommon Brit to see fireworks. True. But it felt different if you know what I mean?
 A day or so went by and  I forgot about all that and started to feel anxious. So we went out and drove around, again lol, and called our Realtor and asked to look at any thing, please, just to make me feel a little better. So we did, and nothing...

 The next day or two our Realtor called us and said I set up an appointment to look at one of the new builds in the neighborhood (where the fireworks went off that night) Adler Grove, with True Homes. OK, so we went.

 As soon as we pulled up to look at a house that was being built, I all of a sudden got excited. So far this had not happened even with houses I had liked. Then Haddie from the back seat goes, "I feel the Holy Spirit!" Judah says, "Me too!" Me and Luke looked at each other, OK well I guess we will see.

 We went home looked over all the dreams that we had had about houses.  Luke had a dream that we were looking for a house on the other side of the lake from our church. I had a dream that we could see our church from our living room windows and the lake. Also in my dream about the house I saw brand new space ship sheets and when I asked Judah what The Lord was telling him  he said, "I see a space ship blasting off from our land!" ( where the house would be). When we asked Haddie she said the Lord showed her men painting our house and it would be just like the new ones we looked at on that street. We prayed as a family and all felt good about it :)

So long story a little shorter we are building a house. It is within walking distance to our church and on the lake that we got married on. I will not go into all the financial stuff but God literally made a way where there was not one!

 So the hard thing about all this is that we will have to wait for 4 months or so while our house is being built. We have been in so much transition for the past 4 years that this was hard for my heart. I let my heart get set on moving right into another house. No more Transition!! I was wrong.
 So we have now been getting rid of lots more stuff and taking van loads to a storage unit. Luke's parents are letting us borrow their 28 foot camper, and that's where we will be! It's not that bad it could be worse, it's just tight that's all. We will have a great summer camping adventure :)
 So we had to move in less than a month, move twice, and live in a 28 foot camper with 3 kids, BUT we get to build a house.

 This is my hope and prayer. That we will move into our bigger house and fill it with babies, orphans  and people! Bible studies, parties, and dinners and lots of love and prayer! And of course some where in there start making trips to Africa; building relationships for that one day in The Lord's timing, not mine, to go to Africa permanently.

View from the Church to where the house will be 

So excited to share this adventure with you!
Love you 
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  1. so exciting! can't wait to hear how God continues to move in your life. :) and can i come over for smores sometime this summer? I'm serious. hugs, lora

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  4. This is so exciting Brittney! I love that you involve your kids in what God is doing. So precious! So happy for you!!!!

    1. This is actually Brooke, not Jason. HA! I think we both did that right?


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