ok so remember that stress thing I was NOT going to do?! Yeah well I am only doing ok with that.
 I am  beyond tired. I have been so stressed that I was 10 days late on my period. That is probably a huge part why I was feeling crazy in the head. I think realizing that helps tho.
 I think for me it's not just this move per say. Although, selling a house really sucks compared to buying one in many, many ways. I think that the past four years, all the moving, evicting tenants, fixing all the problems, the church plant, traveling over ten hours with a new born every month last year, all the horrible things that have been going on with my parents..... The list literally could go on. I think that this move is bringing all the tiredness from all that out.
 There have been beautiful, wonderful things too. But know that all beautiful wonderful things come with hard work, heart ache, sacrifice, obedience, and most of the time pain. Kinda like birth. Just like with real birth I don't try to take away the pain, instead I embrace it to have the best possible out come for baby and me. I guess in real life I do this too. So I guess that means I have to feel the pain. But the end result is always some dream coming true.
 So I guess what I am telling myself here is that it is all worth it in the end. I am truly blessed and if you would have asked people 10 years ago if I would be where I am today, they would have laughed! So all to Jesus for His grace, mercy, and love.
 This life of faith is not for the faint of heart. That is for sure :)
 I hope that your stress is low today and that you are finding His grace in your situation.
I have noticed how easy it is to look at people in the end of a situation and say, "Wow they are so lucky!' But we often don't see what it took for them to get there. Again like birth; we see the beautiful baby and healthy mama, what we don't see is what it took to get to that moment. Vomiting, body being taken over, pain, no sleep, labor, pain, blood, sweat, tears, fear, prayer, stress, sacrifice. But in the end a beautiful baby and happy family.
When we choose the easy way out, it often comes with a cost. I am remembering that today.

Thank you for reading I feel better now :) 
Love you
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