What We Wore: With Stones Of Remembrance

Our journey with The Lord does not always make sense to us.
It is not easy. To many, it is all so foolish. That is right where we should be. Trusting in Jesus for all of your life is crazy.
Things that we thought would go smooth are so rough. Things that we thought would be easy make us cry bitter tears.
We have to love our enemy and forgive those who hurt us. We have to stand for what is right, with LOVE. Even when others think you to be cruel and unkind.
Jesus went to the cross silent. He was never violent but never wavered from the right thing, the truth. It looked like He failed and now He is at the right hand of the Father.
Just because something is hard for us DOES NOT mean that it is not The Lord! Often that means that it is. Stand for the truth and do it in love.

Today's What We Wore is in collaboration with Stones Of Remembrance  also check out their Facebook page. This shop is owned by my very own sister and step-mom. Please check them out and show them some love :) 

Photo's By: Open Vision Photo

Thanks again for all your patience while we sell our house and move :) 
If you would like to colab with The Rabbit Hole visit HERE and let me know :) 
Love You and Bless You
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  1. beautifully written.
    Gorgeous photos and your family is so sweet.


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