May 12, 2007: 6 years

As Promised here is the Photo collaboration between Open Vision Photo and Anastasia Merriken.

Six Years 
Six years of marriage 
ones heart held by another's hand
Sometimes kissed
Sometimes bruised
Always Protected 
Always protected with human flaw 
Some nights ended with passion of two hearts in love and intertwined 
Some nights ended with the red flame of anger and pain
Some mornings awakened with sweet pure love, arms wrapped around each other as though one may slip away if not held tighter 
Yet another morning forcing ones heart with, will and prayer, to stay soft and tender towards the other half of yourself. For not to love him, is to not love myself.

word and deed that should not have been let out of their cage. 
How to take them back?
Oh to forgive, to humble, and to love.
Our love is like a heart beat
the lines on the screen go up to the peak and down to the low valley
If the line were to go straight and steady, we would be no more.
So here's to fighting, to dukeing it out, and making up later.
Here's to six more years of up and to down.
My love for you is passionate 
like a hot flame that both burns you 
and keeps you warm 
To choose love is to choose both
Life and death
I choose both 
with you Luke Stasi 

The way you love me Luke Stasi is the way girls dream of being loved! 
What can I say love, life, and relationships are complicated, but our love is enough. 
Love Me 


  1. awww this was really sweet and I love how poetic it was and how honest as well. Congratulations on those 6 years! Beautiful photos!

  2. This is such a beautiful post! I found you through Ali at Chasing Moonlight and Roses (amazing guest post, by the way!) and I'll be following you!


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