July 31, 2013


I am super, super excited to share with ya'll our fun, beautiful, and awesome partners!!
Make sure you go to their sites and check them out! 

1st up is TOMS Shoes for years I have loved this company and watched from afar. We have had brides that wore these on their wedding days and bought them for their brides maids. I really love this idea and wish I would have known about it when I got married!  I am beyond happy to partner and support this company.

Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes

Do you have a Summer Wedding coming up?  TOMS offers great shoes and eyewear for your bridal and groomsmen party.  Check us out at TOMS.com

Toms Shoes

2nd up is BONLOOK Eyewear. They have great prices and even better styles. I don't know about you, but I am blind as a bat, with out the great hearing to catch food. So I need classes or contacts at all times. AND of course I want to look cute when I am wearing my classes. Being a fashionable family with a budget BONLOOK Eyewear is perfect for us! 

Stylish Sunglasses for kids!

BonLook Eyeglasses for women only $99 - Free Shipping

BonLook Eyeglasses for women only $99 - Free Shipping

And last but not least is FOLK Clothing. This a a funky clothing line with unique outfits for men and woman. I really love the style that they have it's so cool. They are always having great sales too! They are having one RIGHT now!

We will be modeling some of these for you soon :) 
If you would like to partner with the Rabbit Hole click here! I would love, love to hear from you! 

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