Real Life

Okay so I am probably about to start my period and I live in a camper. So it's one of those days! I have pictures to edit and another blog post that I have been trying to get done for like a week. Yeah, I   live in a camper and that can be "cool" and sometimes it is "cool" and other times not so much.
I kinda feel like my life is on pause YET life can NEVER really be on pause there is no such thing! And I'm about to start my period, did I mention that? So all these thoughts of I wish this, I suck at this and the dreams that I have will never really happen!! I can't do these things that are in my heart because I'm not good enough!
We all know these thoughts are garbage, right? Right! I'm still trying to believe it, i'll let you know how it goes after I m off my period! Us poor woman and this freaking bleeding thing! Come ON!!
OK I just thought I would share a few of my REAL LIFE thoughts with you today.
And now we all laugh with one of those crazy mom laughs, we have to do!



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