These Moments

Moments...  What are moments? They pass us by every second of every day and night. But what do they really mean? What do moments really make up in the BIG picture called life? Not just any life but my life. Are the "Moments" really that important? Not one person can pass by my children with out saying to me, " They are so beautiful and they sure do grow up so fast!" They do, they really, really do! Of course when I say "they" I mean my beautiful babies that I birthed, or hopefully one day adopt, that I cared for, that I help when they were sick, that I yelled at and hugged and kissed for forgiveness, that truly teach me so much about myself, that I adore, that I had to get away from, but only for a "moment" because I love them more than any words I could write on this page. I would give my life, living or dead, for them.

 These days with these little people, with my creator, my husband, and with my friends, they are my moments. They build up like a dance, or a painting to make a story that can both make you cry, and make you laugh. They are life, life is them. The moments, they are life.

 I looked over at Luke other day while we all sat down for ice cream at the local farmers market here in Fort Mill, SC. Tears over came me gently as I realized, this right now, right here, was what it was all about. Not the ice cream or the farmers market, not even beautiful SC. It was just one moment in time, so very, very quickly gone and may never even be remembered, except by a mama's heart of course, but it was us, there together, enjoying one another. Love. That simple.

 Sometimes, I let moments go by un used, and sometimes we have to. Sometimes we have to let them go and not care where they go. And yet I find myself, I find my senses heightened to a 6th sense almost. Waking up to the "Moments" and where they are going. They don't always need to be filled with grandiose adventures, though those to are needed, but they do always need to be filled with love. Love comes in so many forms teaching, disciplining, kissing, hugging, laughing, quite, reading, playing.... The list could really go on.

So any way what I am trying to say is this: These moments may be our moment in time but we don't even realize it till we are 80 years old. I say God forbid it! What ever the moment is, be in it and soak it in, or let it go, but be aware of those moments so they don't pass us by.

These moments make us who we are.
Just some thoughts I have had. Thank you for reading. 

A moment when all three kids were trying so hard to get a baby kitten to come to them. 


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