Judah David: 4 Years

Judah Turned 4 on April 12th so... this shows how crazy it's been around here. late but definitely not forgotten. 
I love you my 4 year old boy! 

My sweet, loving Judah. Can words really tell you what a comfort and joy you are to my heart and life?! When I am sad or having a bad day you are the one I want to be next to. Your sweet love and snuggles feel sent straight from heaven! Bubbo, the way you love me is so kind and strong. I love the way you always tell me, you will always love me and how in-love with me you are. 
Your soft white butter skin, sky blue eyes, gentle touch and kind sweet words, your little big man feet, are just a few parts of you that I hope to never forget, that I hope to hold on to forever.
It's hard to think that you will be a big hairy man one day. The thought of letting you go, both makes me sad and joyful. But for now those snuggles and cuddles and love are all mine. 
I know that you will be a strong, fierce, gentle, kind, and loving man because that is just how you are now. 
I am thankful for you my son, I am thankful that you are just the way you are, the good, bad, and ugly and all the beautiful parts too.
Bottling you up often comes to mind. Open it up and remember with tangible feeling how you were when you were 4. Yet, I love watching you grow. Learning more and more everyday who you are and how your heart ticks. 
Your sweet love smile that you give me when your heart over flows with love for your mama.... I'll keep that right in my heart forever. 
I have dreams for you, sweet dreams of love, adventure and seeing how you find yourself in Jesus.
But I know that your heart already dreams dreams and that it beats to see them come true. 
I hope all of these for you. All good and true.
I love you  Judah.

Love You 


  1. He is so very handsome! He has my oldest son's haircut hehehe. How great. I bet he gets a lot of comments on it as my son does (been cutting his hair like that since he was about 2).
    It is so strange to think of our little boys becoming hairy and having deep voices. I am so glad for Judah's birthday! Happy birthday!

  2. I just read your post about Judah. That was beautiful well written & full of passion. I'm sure he'll treason your words for the rest of his life. Great pictures too!

    1. This is Rebecca Hergott btw (Some reason it wouldnt let me post my name)


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