A little Behind

I feel so far behind on life. E-mails piled up, photo's to edit, mail piled up, boxes and laundry piled every where. All signs of a full  life, a life that I am thankful for, but sometimes feels like little old me can't keep up with it. But as I walk through this life and I meet more and more other sweet souls, I realize we all feel this way. I think that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to think that we are the only ones and have more compassion for ourselves than for those around us.

I know sometimes life can leave you feeling like, I don't have the time, the emotion, the will, the energy to, to... anything, outside my current chaos! I feel that way often!
It use to be really easy for me to not always go to that negative place. Stay focused and keep going. It's gotten harder as the years go on for sure!

 I mean I feel like since we put our house on the market, way back in March, my life has been on hold. Yet life, all life, cannot really go on hold! As I go through over a 1000 emails I am reminded of this, life kept going on and I simply could not keep up!  Luke says we are being molded, refined, made great, in all of this. I believe that is true, just hard to wrap my mind and heart around all the "growing" sometimes.

I found thank you letters and birthday cards that were ready to go out from months and months ago, that some how in the chaos of life, never did.

So today and for awhile I fear, I am trying to catch up on life. Now I use to fool myself and say, "When I get this or that done, or get through this or that, then things will slow down and I can feel caught up!" I don't say that anymore. I still have not really figured out what the REAL solution is tho.
In the mist of unpacking, school, diapers, baby, dishes, weddings and photo's, painting pumpkins, laughing, loving, crying... I live life and learn a little more each day about it all. I guess.
Or maybe I will always be a hot mess. Laughing.

 I am learning some life lessons as I go through life. What do you know!? The lesson here is that we have to live in order to learn how to live.

On another note I am beyond excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am trying to get the house ready as fast as I can for my family to come!! It's a great motivator!

This picture is from Painted Arrow you should check her out! 

P.S. Baby is doing great! We are at 18 weeks now, the beginning of the 5th month :) BUT we still need to pray that my placenta moves away from my cervix! 



  1. your home is so lovely. i thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your pretties on your walls this morning. i love your style, sweet friend! love love love your home! (and you!! :)

  2. A perfect read for me today! And I love your home, it is beautiful!


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