A Reflection of Our First Fall in Our New House

I can't believe it's already December. But I want to take a moment and look back on the first few months that we have lived here. Our first fall in our new house. Only Jesus knows how long we will live here, but while we do I want to enjoy it and treasure it! Living in suburbia was the last thing on my life list, if it even made it at all! I guess that's why the lord knew that living in a camper was just what we needed. I was more than ready at the end of that little adventure to move into my big beautiful home. HAHA. 

They find joy in the simplest things, while I find it easy to complain and see what I don't have. I love them for that! The views here at our new house are breath taking. The lord knew our hearts and even tho He saw fit for us to live in suburbia, he gave us views like we lived in the middle of no where. The sky here is all around lighting up every morning in the back of the house and setting with warmth at the end of each day in the front! Having the lake with all the wild life that it brings blesses us every time we step out of our door, or look out a window. Also, to make it really romantic it's the lake that we had our first kiss,got engaged on, and married on :) 

Our first fall here was beautiful. Watching the world change all around us and seeing that we too were changing with it. Learning to have faith and trust the God that made the universe and loves us with a love as hot and quenching as a fire.
 And even though I still don't understand how or why He blessed us with it, I am thankful! 



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