Blue's Two!

I can't hardly believe he's two. Not because I slept through the past two years but because one minute he is kicking me from the inside of my belly, nursing, learning to crawl and then walk. Now he dances to every beat, makes us all laugh so very much, blasts me with his hand blasters and thinks that Haddie and Judah are the coolest ever! He's one of us running around being his very own person. 

You are handsome with your little white man fro.
So very smart and fun.
You are all boy. Killing things with your brother, swords, guns, hand blasters like Iron Man.
Always wearing your cape, like a little super hero in the making. 
Oh how goofy you are, like good medicine for a weary heart. 
You are you levi and I would not change that for all the little blonde, curly head boys in all the world.
Your love and passion is contagious! 

Oh He is so wonderful, He makes me stop in my tracks and he is all that I can look at. 

I love you Blue.
Thank you for being you!


  1. great photos, friend! that was such a fun party. :) love that shot of you holding the cupcakes! such a pretty mama :)

  2. He is so wonderful. I wish I knew your family in person. You all seem so wonderful to be around.
    I am glad his birthday was successful!

    1. Oh Victoria, thank you for the sweet compliment! I really hope that one day we can meet in person! I would love that! xoxo


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