Thanksgiving 2013

What a blessing, what a treat thanksgiving was for us this year. All settled in our new house our family came to celebrate, Thanksgiving with us! I love having family around, all the laughter, food, and chaos.
This is one of my sides of the family. My mom, brother, his girl friend, and my grandparents all came and stayed with us. It was wonderful!

I think the best part of this day was the place mats I made that are under the silver ware. They say, " I am thankful for:" with lines drawn to write what we are thankful for. This made us all really think. Then one by one after our meal we went around and said what we were thankful for, out loud. Everyone was crying, it was beautiful!

This is my brother, Drew and his girlfriend Jesi. They are cute. She is due April 26th so a month after me. I am sooo excited! I love babies!

Finally Dessert ;) 

Hope your Thanksgiving was great too!! 


  1. Love and Miss you all so much!! The pictures were great Brit...thanks for sharing them. Hope to get to see you all the weekend between Christmas & New Years!!

    1. Thank you Amy! It was so nice to see you at moms! Thank you for taking the time to visit! :) xoxo

  2. your table is so beautiful!! love the leaf placecards and also your wood centerpiece. gorgeous!!


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