Baby #4: He or She Reveal

It's May 25th 2008. I remember it like a dream you don't forget, it's there and shady yet vivid.
I'm sitting on the back little porch of my first apartment with my new husband. We just celebrated on May 12th our 1 year anniversary. As I sit there with my bible and faithful journal I think of the sweet little baby girl that is not even two months old yet. Hadassah Life, my daughter, how could that be? I pray for wisdom that I can be all that she will need me to be. Then the Lord begins to speak to me about another lil soul that we will one day have. I knew she would come after Judah but I didn't know when.

In my Journal I wrote... Her name will be Zion Revival. Her name, her being born, she is a sign of what is to come. I don't know what that is exactly, but a promise.

Just a few short months ago when I got pregnant, I knew that "it", this sweet baby, was her. We have talked about her for 5 years. Earlier in this pregnancy when I started bleeding I was afraid of losing her, even though at the time we didn't know for sure if it was a "her".

Now here she is moving and kicking, heart beating. My belly grows each day, week, month; her growing inside of me.

It's starting to look Pink around here and girly :) 

Luke and I  can't wait to hold this sweet little one, our sweet 
Zion Arielle Revival.
And of course Hadassah, Judah and Levi are beyond excited too.



  1. Beautiful!!! So glad to hear that you will be having a beautiful Zion!!! Just one thing to bring up. . .my oldest son has the name Leto Timothy Rigby Tiedemann, and it didn't all fit on his birth social security card, so a heads up for the long name, as it might get cut off!!!

    1. Thank you Victoria! Good to know lol I will have to see what happens :) Thanks

  2. love you friend. so excited for your little girl! she is blessed to have you as her mommy. :)

    1. Thank you Lora! Love you! And I am blessed to have you as my friend!!


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