Hello 3d Trimester: Baby Zion


You are beauty every move that you make.
MOTHER; an ever changing meaning to my heart.
Though only growing inside of me, not yet face to face, you have touched me; you have changed me. 
Child, daughter, joy, and pain.
With each new moment you bring new definition to each word. 
Your spirit and your soul.
Your very own free will.
I feel it, I sense it with each and every move; with the growing of my belly. 
Daughter Zion, you have a home, you have a path, the purpose and the destiny already set before you. 
Daughter Zion, you are loved. You are treasured, you are not forgotten. 
You are a  life that I will treasure until my day is done.  

I wait for you with a full heart.


  1. Love you Britt!!! All of your post just bring joy to my heart!!

  2. Thank you Lora! Luke did an amazing job!!

  3. May she serve Christ when she learns about Him and sees His perfection!

  4. These are GORGEOUS! I love your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much Gillian! Thank you for coming onto my little blog <3


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