Seven Years of Being Asked and Saying Yes!

Play this song while you read. It plays us.

Seven years ago today a young man got down on one knee in a fancy tux and asked a young, wondering, lost girl to marry him. The rest is a beautiful love story.
 I remember in the days that followed, waking up in my dorm room checking my hand to make sure the ring was still there.
 As a little girl I wanted to be married so bad. My home life was crazy and often left me feeling like I did not belong. I couldn't wait to be a wife and a mother, so that I could have a place where I knew I was wanted. Much has changed since then and I am so very thankful for the gift of my husband and children.

So as a new year starts for us my love, I will still say you are my greatest gift.
 You have loved me for me and in that changed me to be a better me.
 I am saying yes all over again and every morning here after. 
You are a treasure to my heart and a home for me to rest my head.
looking in your eyes, has been my joy, and a rock to my wondering.
Your arms a comfort to my hurting heart.
Your hands a warmth when I am want to be cold. 
Showing me Jesus in all that you do, an example I  want to follow. 
You make me happy, even when you don't.
I love you so deeply and completely, I love you with my whole heart.
Thank you Luke for asking me. Not just that day, but every single day after.
Not just with your words, but with your actions and your touch. 

1 : Right before we got engaged up in a tree in Jacksonville, FL 
2 : Down by the Morningstar lake where we later got married and now live. I said yes haha.
3 : May 12, 2007 
4: Hadassah Life March 26, 2008 
5: Judah David April 12, 2009
6: Levi Paul November 9, 2011
7: Fall 2013. Little Zion is in there :) 

I love you my lover 


  1. I was the same way. . .always wanted to get married and have children, which is why when I met my husband I told him I only dated if he was interested in the idea of marrying me. ha. I still think I waited TOO long to actually wed (pre-engaged at 17. .engaged 18. . married at 20). I wish I married at 18. Oh well though. how old were you when you wed?
    Loved reading this and looking at the photos! So sweet!

    1. We were 21 when we met and 22 when we got married! I married that boy ASAP lol


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