Luke in Africa: Day 3

Luke wrote this to me today from Kitale, Kenya in Africa.

"When you come you will never want to leave. I wouldn't leave if you and the kids were here and God released us to be here. This is what I was made for. Africa is my home.

I love you and miss you desperately."

"The thing that blew me away was that these kids have nothing and eat garbage, but when I asked them to smile for me they had real smiles with joy in them. They were beautiful."

Please keep praying for him. He has had only 7 hours of sleep. Also pray for his bosses mom who is in the hospital. Thank you so much for all your love and support!! 

I can't believe that he is really there...My heart is on over load! 



  1. That is amazing. And very touching! Will definitely keep him and you in my prayers. And his bosses mom. That's just beautiful! Makes me miss our sponsor boy. He is from Kenya. And Luke is right... those kids can give you the truest , heart felt smile knowing that they have nothing..... its amazing!♥


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