Luke in Africa Day 7 And How It Is Burning in Us

We have been able to face time a few times now. Thank you Jesus! 
The wait to move there full time has felt like a million years to both of our hearts.
The need is so great. 
Everyone has things that burn in them. Drive them in some way, shape, or form. For Luke and I both, orphans, Africa are among those things burning in our hearts. 
We spent our time talking last night in tears mostly! We both, and even our kids, long to be there. 
Over the years I have really seen God's grace in the process. It has taken me and I am still learning, what this looks like and means. Trying not to harden my heart and let disappointment take the place of wisdom. 
He has proven to be faithful in all that He has done for me. I think that everyone can see that. So I have to trust Him. 
All I know is that I am grateful for this big beautiful house and all that I have, but I am ready at the word go, to go! 
Tomorrow morning, while we all sleep Luke will be preaching in the slums to the poor. We both agree there is no better place to preach. It feels for us, since our most devastating time 21/2 years ago, we are coming full circle. 
Thank you to everyone who loves on us, supports us, and who we call friend and family! 

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