Never Land Birthday

Spring is a crazy time around here. 3 now out of my 4 children (that's so awesome to say) are born within a two week period.
Hadassah turned 6 on March 26th and Judah turned 5 on April 12th. With Little Zion coming in early April we decided to have Haddie and Judah's birthday party in the beginning of March. It was so much fun and we are so very thankful for everyone that helped us pull it off!

This year the kids wanted a "Never Land" themed party- complete with pirates, mermaids, Indians, and Peter Pan himself. Our kids are always looking for a reason to get dressed up in some costume our outfit. They love to imagine and pretend- going into their little worlds of wonder and excitement. We encourage it as much as possible- and get involved ourselves!

Welcome to Never Land 

We set up a little "Mermaid Lagoon" for the girls to make party favors

Judah was an Indian and Haddie was a mermaid complete 
with rainbow colored hair & a sea shell crown

We built a tee-pee with some tree trunks we found and scrap fabric around the house. The kids loved it!

Face Painting Station 

Compasses, swords, eye patches, and  Indian feathers as party favors for the boys

Daddy dressed up as a pirate to get in on the action!

The kids had some epic swashbuckling sword fights!

The girls made their own sea shell necklaces as party favors



Pirate Daddy (who also looks like he could be a groupie for Guns N' Roses in this outfit haha) took all the kids on a treasure hunt- complete with their very own treasure maps and compasses! X marked the spot for treasure- a chest of candy!

They found the treasure!

It all was a blast! We had Popsicles and cookies instead of ice cream and cake. It was so much easier!! 
Thank you again to everyone that helped! 
We had a lot of fun! So many sweet faces and so much love! 
I am working on Zion's birth story, it's a lot to take in and process, but I can't wait to share with you! 

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  1. Wow this party looks so amazing!!!!! And look how many cute little kids came :) Happy belated birthday to them both!

  2. awesome photos, friend!! love them all! it was such a fun party :)


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