Judah David: 5 years

April 12th 2014

This year you got a new baby sister. I hope she is a gift that you will treasure always. The way you love her and protect her and care for her, inspires me to be a better mama. I love you son, until the day I die.

Judah David
strong and bold and smart
You have a lion's roar inside you
You have a soft touch in your heart.
You can laugh and shake the mountains, you can love as gentle as the lamb.
Your mind can hold vast knowledge and your heart certain love.
Like the wolf you hold on never letting go.
Like the strongest wind blowing through the tree's.
Never showing your self fully while moving like the strongest breeze.
Your heart and soul a treasure to my own.
You bring what only you can, a rare beauty all it's own.
You son I love fiercely while selfishly finding much comfort in the life that you bring.

I love you to the moon and back butter skin


  1. Oh! my sweet baby girl! What a joy you are to me! I love the mother that you have become..... you are special! Your children are blessed to have you.......kisses

    1. I love you Nana!! Thank you for always encouraging me!!


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