Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zion Arielle Revival: New Born Pictures

 I know, I know! I am totally doing all these things out of order. No, you have not missed the birth story, it's still in the making. BUT here are her beautiful New Born pic's. I couldn't wait to share them.
Zion Arielle Revival Stasi  
This is her at about two weeks old. 

I love you Z,  I love you so much! 
She has such a sweet spirit about her. So gentle and kind. She loves to be with mama and smile at daddy. She is already loved beyond words by this motley crew! She sleeps good and nurses perfect. We are all so happy to have her in our arms! 
Love you baby


  1. She is simply perfect! Love these!

  2. so beautiful! amazing photos - they really captured her sweet spirit. she looks so peaceful, too!

  3. Oh what a gift she is! ! ! A previous bundle of Destiny...destined forever to love and bring joy to her God! Precious mommy and daddy...Congratulations!


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