8 Years

8 years ago today I was a little girl with lots of BIG dreams in my over-sized heart, for the chest that it lived in. The hope was small but it was there.

I had what fit in my little purple car, that had a huge sticker on the back window that read " Jesus Saves" and a few things in my dad's van. As I followed my dad and step mom's van past the sign that read Welcome to North Carolina, I wept sweet/ bitter tears.

This was my re-start, my "new beginning" as an adult. My youth and teen years had been me finding my way in other peoples worlds, trying to fit into their molds and ways. Now it was my turn to follow the Lord all on my own, and I could taste it.

These past few months have been familiar, reminding me a little of that time. Yet different in so many ways. Looking my fears and disappointments straight in the eye and giving them the finger, so to speak. And then looking at The Lord and saying I trust you, I count the cost of all that will come, with a deeper understanding then before, and still saying I trust you. It has been a journey. Letting Him turn my anger and my pain into deep, deep love.

These 8 years have been good to me, even with the pain. Thank you Lord.



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