Charleston SC In A Snapshot

OK so maybe it's more like 20 or so snapshots!

We went to Charleston over the weekend and stayed with some dear friends. We met them when we were all in the school of ministry here at our church in Fort Mill, MorningStar. It seems now like a life time ago. Over the years with everyone moving we have stayed in touch. My in-laws also came and stayed at a hotel and kept the kids (except Z of course)  for one night. Party! Ha That's funny. We have our four and she is pregnant with their 4th. "Party" is late night, half a sleep, nice cheese and crackers, and beautiful friendship.

 Charleston is a beautiful place and spending time with our friends and their sweet babies is always such a refreshing healing time for our hearts.

It was a great way to end the summer! Thank you Smith Family!

(Picture by My Beautiful Mother-In-Law)

( Picture by Maeve Smith

This is a funny one of both of us. I look like Popeye and He looks half asleep! Ha 

( Picture by Maeve Smith

(Picture by My Beautiful Mother-In-Law) 

( Picture by Maeve Smith)

It was so beautiful and sweet to watch them with our kids. So kind and sweet loving on the baby and rocking her to sleep. Community is important and it takes effort on everyone's part and can be work, BUT sooo worth it!  
If we want it, community, we have to fight for it! 

Also our sweet Zion turned 5 months while we were there. Love you sweet baby!! 

Hope you are doing well and that the transition from summer to school is going well.


  1. so excited to see a blog post from you!! love all the photos - you look so happy and peaceful. love you friend :)

  2. Wow. You look so gorgeous. Your face has this beautiful , full of life, glow. I love the one that Laurie took of Luke kissing your forehead. Just beautiful!

  3. Fort Mill! Our dear friends, the Wornoms, just moved from there. Love Fort Mill! Have fun in Africa!


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