First Day Of School: 2014

Today is Hadassah and Judah's first day of school.
Haddie is in first grade.... WHAT?!
Judah in kindergarten... My baby?!
It's a bitter sweet thing to watch them grow. I love getting to know them, but it also goes by faster than I can keep up with. HELP!
Blue of course needed to jump in. But he's super cute, so, no big deal.

Oh and this is how we shop.
Clothes from Target, wal-mart, H&M, Macy's, and Thrift Stores. Thanks to the grandparents for any help buying stuff too!
Oh Blue....
My Hadassah looks like a woman. So beautiful. 
Judah steals my heart hourly! 
My how they have grown! 
Below is them last year. 

Happy New School Year 


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