Africa day 1


Africa. This is around the grounds that we are staying.

These pictures are the very first time my eyes saw Africa. I cried.
We went from Charlotte to Boston to London to Nairobi, Kenya. And we are here!  
So far it's been good. We had major problems with Zion's ticket but there was grace. Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Zion has done so, so very well. She's perfect. We were able to face time the kids last night. 2am here. We got to sleep in to help make up for the jet lag. It's 7 hours ahead here. 
Write again tomorrow. Love you all! Thank you for all your prayers. 
Love B 


  1. thanks so much for the photos and the update! so exciting!!

  2. Im loving all of this! Im so happy for you. Cant wait to hear and see more. Love the photos.


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